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Simply Energy Profile

Simply Energy is one of Australia's fastest growing energy companies backed by ENGIE - one of the largest power producers in the world.

Why Choose Us

Simply Energy have been making energy simple and affordable since 2005. Backed by ENGIE: Simply Energy is proudly backed by ENGIE – one of the largest power producers in the world and a global leader in the transition to a zero-carbon economy. Award-winning customer service: Gas Supplier National 2021: “Simple's gas customers voted them Reader’s Digest Quality Service Award winner”. Gas Provider of the Year 2019: “In 2019, Roy Morgan named our gas customers the nation’s happiest”. Dual Fuel National 2018: “In 2018, Canstar confirmed we had Australia’s ‘most satisfied’ dual fuel customers” Smart Meters Only: Simply Tracker. Tracker is a service that can help you to monitor and manage your energy use, to help put you in control. With Tracker, you can monitor how much electricity you're using each day, set budgets and even get an idea of how much your next bill will be.

Cashback Offers

Cashback Gold Member Standard Member
Gas & Electricity $180 $120
Electricity $100 $60
Gas $80 $60

eCompare Terms

This Simply Energy plan is offered through the econnex comparison platform which is powered by CIMET.

We do not compare all providers in the market, nor all the products offered by the providers.

At times certain brands or products may not be available or offered to you.

Cashback is only eligible for;

  • New customers of Simply Energy, and
  • Who must be the property owner or primary lease holder of the property signing up for these services, and
  • Who must stay with Origin Energy for a minimum term period of 75 days to be eligible for cashback.

Cashback is delivered by We Make a Difference in conjunction with Simply Energy.

Notification: Up to 14 days

Estimated Approval: 90 - 120 days